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Please provide a FULL and CLEAR explanation of the issue. Perhaps a sequence of steps that we could perform to reproduce the issue. When delta Row Data Mode is on, the grid will compare the new row data with the current row data and create a transaction object for you.The grid then executes the change as an update transaction, keeping all of the grids selections, filters etc.You can also use this technique in a non-Redux or immutable store based application (which is the case in the examples on this page).

Using an update transaction (explained below) does update the sorting, filtering and grouping.Updating data via the row Node methods will refresh the grid for the required rows if they are showing, however it will not update the grids sorting, filtering or grouping if the new data impacts such.For that, you should use an update transaction as explained below.This section of the documentation is regarding using the grid's API to update data.The grid will then be aware of the change and also update the relevant parts of the UI.

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